Thursday, December 15, 2011

'Tis The Season

The flu seaon that is!

Hello guys! I'm sure you're wondering why I'm talking about flu season on a ferret blog but I promise you I have a point! Just like people can get the flu ferrets are susceptible to influenza too. You can give them the flu and they can give it to you! So if you're feeling like you're getting the flu remember to limit contact with your fuzzy baby, wash your hands often before any necessary contact and be sure to watch for any symptoms showing with your ferret(s).
Symptoms can include runny eyes and nose, sneezing, little appetite, no energy and a fever.
Be sure to separate any sick ferrets from healthy ones. And of course never try and diagnose what your ferret has yourself!! Always take a sick ferret to a ferret knowledgeable vet! No one likes having the flu, humans or ferrets! So stay healthy and if you do get sick take every precaution not to spread it to friends or fuzzy ferrets!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fun Post- A Silly Walk Outside

Hello bloggers! As I mentioned in my intro post I want this blog to be a combination of helpful info and personal experiences of mine. And today I have a funny little story about a walk I took my little girl on the other day!
I've always loved taking my ferrets on walks ever since I learned they made leashes for them. It's so nice to see them run and scamper about with their tail adorably bushed out! And the other day I took Ismene out for what is probably going to be her last walk of the year with the weather getting colder and all. It was chilly and windy yet she insisted on staying in the damp shade right by the deck! I didn't want that though so I took her down to the leaves pile by our trees.

She wanted to go back almost immediately to the deck area but then a certain tree caught her eye. She hopped up to it and sort of jumped at it. Then she did the funniest, most unexpected thing I've ever seen her do! She started to climb the tree!

She went up the tree with such determination all I could do was watch in awe! She then turned her head to look at me as if asking for help down and I picked her off the tree. We ended our little walk by sitting on the couch on my front deck.

Have your ferrets ever pulled silly stunts like this?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Little Girl Ismene

Well I thought for my first official post I should introduce my little ferret baby! She is the third ferret I've owned and I got her back in 2008. She turned three this year. Her name is Ismene, taken from the play Antigone. She is a silver mitt, meaning that her paws are white. She could also simply be called a sable color.
Here she is back when I first got her. A little baby beauty!

These next ones are going to be more recent photos. It's always fun for me to see how her fur coloring and markings have changed as she grew.

She loves her playtime outside more than anything! Here she is with her green leash on one of our walks.

She's my lil' baby girl and makes my days brighter when I need a little friend to be with!